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FY22 Online Enrollment

Our FY22 online enrollment is now available. Please fill out the form for the appropriate link and submit the registration. Thank you in advance!

FESD Science Fair Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2020–2021 FESD Science Fair winners below. Thank you to all of our school science fair coordinators (Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Krenkel, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Hankins, Mr. Altavilla, Ms. Jimenez, Ms. Irby, and Ms. Steinkamp) for their time and commitment in providing this opportunity for our Fowler students, in spite of all of the virtual challenges. A special thank you to our district judges for their time and assistance in scoring our projects (Mrs. Wastjer, Mr. Blake, Mr. Camacho, Dr. Stewart).

Our district provided a trophy, medal, and certificate to each of the top three winners for each grade range (3rd through 4th, 5th through 6th, and 7th through 8th). In addition, all participants will receive a certificate of participation. Congratulations to all of our winners!

FESD 3rd through 4th Winners

First Place - Project Title: "Hydro Herbs"
School: Tuscano Elementary
Student/Grade: Victor Bayode, 3rd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Maloney, Ms. Jimenez

Second Place - Project Title: "Which Popcorn Pops the Most Kernels"
School: Sun Canyon Elementary
Student/Grade: Camila Rodriguez, 3rd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Black

Third Place - Project Title: "Rain in Your Environment"
School: Sun Canyon Elementary
Student/Grade: Annali Vea Celaya, 3rd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Coe

Victor BayodeCamila RodriguezAnnali Vea Celaya

FESD 5th through 6th Winners

First Place - Project Title: "Catapult"
School: Santa Maria Middle
Student/Grade: Aliyah Fatigoni, 6th Grade
Science Teacher: Ms. Irby

Second Place - Project Title: "Bubbling Potion"
School: Santa Maria Middle
Student/Grade: Valentina Beltran, 6th Grade
Science Teacher: Ms. Irby

Third Place - Project Title: "Slimetastic"
School: Tuscano Elementary
Student/Grade: Jayden Priess, 5th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Berry

Aliyah Fatigoni Valentina BeltranJayden Priess

FESD 7th through 8th Winners

First Place - Project Title: "Flames Experiment"
School: FESD Virtual Academy
Student/Grade: Frantz-Lynne Guillet, 8th Grade
Science Teacher: Ms. Little

Second Place - Project Title: "Taste Perception"
School: Western Valley Middle
Student/Grade: Andrea Mota Hernandez, 7th Grade
Science Teacher: Ms. Jimenez

Third Place - Project Title: "Sparkle Barfle"
School: Santa Maria Middle
Student/Grade: Alison Hancock, 8th Grade
Teacher: Mr. Dawson

Frantz-Lynne GuilletAndrea Mota HernandezAlison Hancock