In partnership with staff, students, parents, and community, Fowler Elementary School District will provide opportunities for all students to obtain aptitudes necessary to utilize technology tools and resources to develop the skills needed for success in their academic, personal, and career lives.

About Our Network: Rack of Servers

We believe having robust, pervasive, and safe Internet connectivity is essential to a modern educational experience for each child. We link our schools via high-speed, reliable fiber-optic connections, and every campus has a secure wireless network accessible in every classroom, at every desk.

Safety & Security

We employ multiple CIPA Compliant sophisticated web-filtering technologies to shield our students from inappropriate content—including the most important filter—adult supervision.

In the event of an emergency, we have implemented a comprehensive E911 system that provides emergency responders with information on exactly which room called for help.

Our communications system enables us to automatically phone guardians when their child is absent from school or to communicate important information such as school closures.

Systems & Equipment

Our schools have access to digital projectors, iPads, interactive whiteboards, video and still cameras, desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, interactive classroom responders, document cameras, and other assistive technology devices.

Media Center

Our school libraries go far beyond books and fully embrace technology. We offer electronic library catalog access for all our schools, making finding the right book a snap for students.

Smart Buildings

We are committed to setting an example of “green” living by conserving our resources. Some of the features of our smart buildings include intelligent, multi-zone climate control systems, motion sensors for lighting everywhere, and computer controlled lighting systems for outdoor spaces. We audit energy consumption very closely and power off systems when we’re not using them. When selecting new systems, we pay close attention to energy consumption as part of our decision process.

Our telephones and printers go into standby mode outside of programmed hours, and many buildings have electronic access control systems to log and ensure only authorized access to key areas.

Smart People

Behind all of our systems is a small, passionate team dedicated to maintaining and constantly improving systems and services for our staff, students, and parents. We hold monthly technology committee meetings and use this as a forum to interact with staff and plan together for the future.

Technology Committee

The following individuals serve as Technology Committee representatives at each school:

  • Fowler Elementary: Dina Garrett
  • Santa Maria Middle: Bill Stewart
  • Sun Canyon Elementary: Maylene Ulloa
  • Sunridge Elementary: Brian White
  • Tuscano Elementary: Erika Fierros
  • Western Valley Elementary: Melissa Hankins
  • Western Valley Middle: Frank Sharbono
  • District Office: Lane Blake and Vinh Hoang

Contact Information

Lane Blake
IT Director