Superintendent’s Message

Fowler Community,

Welcome to the 2023–2024 school year! We are lucky to have almost 3,600 Pre/K–8th grade students enrolled at nine campuses (an early childhood campus, five elementary schools, one virtual academy serving 3rd through 8th grades, and two middle schools). FESD employs 265 certified teachers who work tirelessly to ensure our children are successful and make academic gains. We are also fortunate to employ 275 support staff members (non-certificated employees). Our community members are among our best source for new hires. If you, or someone you know, is currently looking for a job close to home please direct them to visit our Human Resources page. We may have the ideal job for that individual.

We worked collaboratively during the previous school year to ensure our numbers were more balanced across our elementary campuses for the current school year. Our successful change of attendance areas across the district provided an excellent opportunity to explore the strengths of each elementary campus. We learned that we have an outstanding group of parents who feel connected to their children’s school. Once our parents commit and get to know their schools, they feel loyal to their campus and the staff, including teachers, support staff, and administrators. This loyalty and commitment to their school is a strength of our Fowler parents.

The factors that positively influenced our result were clear communication, multiple opportunities for the community to share and ask questions, and collaboration. We appreciate the community support of our schools and educators. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to make new connections.

This year, we have an outstanding group of new teachers who are enthusiastic and high-energy. We have teachers from out of state and out of the country who have relocated to work with our children. We also have a team of three full-time mentors who devote one hundred percent of their time to supporting our newer teachers as well as any teacher who requests additional support.

We look forward to a great year of collaboration with our community.

Nora Ulloa


Nora Ulloa

Nora Ulloa