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City of Phoenix Talk Transportation

The city of Phoenix is inviting you to talk transportation! The website is a project of the Phoenix Public Transit and Street Transportation Departments, and is a main way for the public to get involved in the future of transit service and city street infrastructure.  The ideas generated from will be reviewed by the Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation and incorporated into a citywide transportation plan that is slated to go before the Phoenix City Council by the end of the year.

Your input is vital to keep Phoenix moving.  Join the conversation on the best ways to improve bus, light rail, and services for seniors and people with disabilities.  Your feedback will help us set service priorities for the future and determine how to fund transportation in the city of Phoenix.  You can also win rewards for participation, including one-of-a-kind activities with city leaders, gift certificates to local businesses, upcoming event tickets and more.

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2014 Donate to Educate Recipients


Congratulations to Dawn Burgess (Western Valley Elementary) and Brenda Herman (Tuscano Elementary) on being selected as a 2014 Grant Recipient through Donate to Educate presented by University of Phoenix!  The Arizona Cardinals and the University of Phoenix are honored to accommodate their request for funding to assist them in improving the educational environment at their school.  We wish you the best of luck, and hope you’ll keep us posted on your progress as you put these funds to good use.  These teachers will be recognized during pre-game ceremony at the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers game on September 21st.


Tuscano Elementary Thanked for Supporting Troops in Afghanistan

Tuscano Flag Photo

The students and faculty of Tuscano Elementary School were thanked for sending nearly 100 pounds of “backpack ready” snacks and hundreds of letters to troops stationed in Afghanistan this past spring.

Tuscano was given by the Mission Commander, Major Robert Cyr, an American flag which was “carried in the face of the enemy…during a Special Combat mission – in the winds of freedom, illuminated in the dark by the light of justice, over the compound of our nation’s leading Task Force…during Operation Enduring Freedom.”

Tuscano will proudly fly this flag on the first day of the school, August 4th, to honor those that continue to serve in our armed forces over seas.

Mr. Mannelly, the school’s principal, commented, “I’m so very proud of Tuscano’s students and staff.  We are truly honored by this.  As a community, we can’t take for granted the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis and those that have the courage to serve our country.”

The flag and certificate will be on displayed in the school’s library for students to see, following the first week of school.

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Notice of Special Bond Election November 4, 2014

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Teacher Induction Program

One more wonderful reason to put Fowler first when considering where to teach. FESD features an outstanding Teacher Induction Program. Click here to learn more about the program, then check out our current openings.

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FESD is proud to provide student teachers and interns the tools and environment necessary to become outstanding educators. Please take a moment to review our Student Teaching Guide.


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