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Fowler Elementary School District
Governing Board
Recognizes Employees

At their December 9th regularly scheduled meeting, the Fowler Elementary School District Governing Board recognized four employees for assisting a fellow co-worker. On Monday, September 8th the City of Phoenix experienced one of its worse rainstorms; our school district made the decision to cancel school for everyone’s safety. Most employees received the information with the exception of those employees who arrive at work prior to 6:00 a.m. One of these individuals was Ms. Kelly Padilla, Santa Maria Middle School Cafeteria Manager. When she attempted to drive in the parking lot, she lost control of her vehicle and was in the retention area. Fellow co-workers, Ramon Arenivas, Greg Loyola, Carlos Cavazos and Bill Stewart came to her aid. They conversed with her and kept her calm until the Fire Department was able to reach her. Ms. Padilla was able to thank each of the gentlemen personally. The Governing Board recognized the efforts of these gentlemen and awarded each with a plaque.

2015 Rodel Exemplary Teacher Finalist

Sylvia Miller
Western Valley Elementary School

Welcome Back 2014 103

Mrs. Sylvia Miller was notified that she has been named a finalist in the search for 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers.  The 2015 Rodel Exemplary Teachers will be announced during the Thanksgiving weekend via media partnerships and on the Rodel website and social media pages.

Mrs. Miller currently serves as the 5th Grade Lead for a team of four teachers at Western Valley Elementary School.  She serves as the 21st CCLC Outreach Specialist, where she strategically engages families and outside organizations and businesses in supporting out-of-school programs.  She has a strong background in social work which is an asset to our community.  In addition she is a Literacy Lead for her campus, providing professional development for our teachers in the area of writing.  Mrs. Miller is a member of the Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) launch team, providing family engagement training to teachers.  She possesses commendable leadership and communication skills; which enhances teamwork and collaboration amongst her colleagues.

Arizona State Board of Education Chooses New Assessment with Arizona Students as Top Priority

This morning in continuing to ensure all Arizona children have the opportunity to succeed, the Arizona State Board of Education (Board) has announced a new assessment to replace the AIMS Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests beginning spring 2015. The Board voted and approved that American Institutes for Research (AIR) will provide Arizona’s New Assessment, AzMERIT- Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching. Arizona public school students in Grades 3 through high school will take AzMERIT in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Students in Grades 4, 8, and high school will still take the AIMS Science test.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is dedicated to providing the support necessary for a successful administration of AzMERIT, and ADE will work diligently to provide you information throughout this transition. For more information regarding the selection and RFP process, please visit the State Board of Education’s website. For more information on the administration of the new statewide assessment, please visit ADE’s website at

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One more wonderful reason to put Fowler first when considering where to teach. FESD features an outstanding Teacher Induction Program. Click here to learn more about the program, then check out our current openings.

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