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Superintendent's Message

Our administrators are people who love education and who believe every child deserves a good start at life. We work together to deliver the best public education possible in our community.

September 7, 2022

Nora Ulloa

Dear Fowler Community Members,

Welcome to the Fowler family. In the Fowler district, we strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and engaging learning environment for every student!

The Fowler Elementary School District is participating in the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program to provide computers for families in our community for use at home. We are currently distributing laptop computers and internet hotspots to eligible families for their children to use at home. In addition, we will continue to hold evening events at our schools to distribute computers to eligible community members. If you want to learn more about this program, please get in touch with our IT department at (623) 707-4511.

We understand that the pandemic has created many learning challenges for our students and families. Our schools will provide academic interventions that focus on learning loss and academic acceleration. Our schools are facilitating various afterschool learning opportunities funded by multiple programs, including the city of Phoenix 21st Century Community Learning Center grants, enrichment and academic opportunities from Title I, Title IVA funds, and ESSER funds. If you would like to explore extracurricular options for your child(ren), don't hesitate to contact the site administrator or visit our website for specific school contact information.

If you are moving out our community, we would like you to consider continuing your student's education in Fowler district schools. In addition, if you have friends or family looking to fulfill their child's educational needs, most of our schools are accepting open enrollment based on each site's class size, overall enrollment, and programming options. I am very proud of our employees' professionalism, dedication, and determination. They have prioritized ensuring that our students receive the best possible instruction and support.

To reward their continued service to our students and community, all returning employees will receive a 10% one-time incentive pay funded by ESSER III funds. Our low attrition rate proves that our staff is dedicated to our children and community. Despite being able to work closer to home or (in some cases) earning higher wages elsewhere, our employees continue to return to the Fowler school district. In addition to the 10% incentive pay, our employees all received an 8.5% raise which was long overdue and very well deserved. Due to our commitment to our employees, we have also recruited new employees in all job categories.

We are very aware of the pandemic's impact on education. The pandemic has posed many challenges and has forced us to adjust how we meet the needs of students.  The lack of social opportunities, the time spent away from peers, and the loss of in-person instruction took a toll on our learning community. Our instructional staff continues to work harder than ever to promote academic and social opportunities for all students. We have hired additional instructional personnel to address learning loss and acceleration for all students. Additional positions include teachers on special assignment; these individuals support administrators to ensure effective student engagement, strong communication with families, and positive behavior interventions. We have added an another mentor teacher to our team of mentors who support our newer teachers. The mentor team provides ongoing professional development in instruction, engagement, and effective classroom management strategies. We have dedicated funding for two math interventionists, one at each middle school, to support math teachers in implementing differentiated instruction. We have also returned to our model of providing one reading interventionist per campus to assist with targeted reading instruction at each site.

We understand that the pandemic has not only taken a toll on our students but families as well. FESD continues to work with local business partners and state and federal grant programs to provide twenty-first century educational opportunities for every student. We are utilizing these partnerships so that each school can provide school supplies for every student, one-to-one technology options, a scientifically researched curriculum, intervention programs, and a welcoming and safe learning environment.

In closing, I would like to thank our community partners at We Keep Rising for their third annual donation of backpacks to many of our students. Our students were very appreciative of their new backpacks!

Thank you for supporting our students, staff, and the FESD community.


Nora Ulloa

Nora Ulloa