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Superintendent's Message

Our administrators are people who love education and who believe every child deserves a good start at life. We work together to deliver the best public education possible in our community.

A Message from Our Superintendent

My belief is that the decisions we make as educators should be in the best interest of our students. Every student in the Fowler Elementary School District receives instruction through an articulated curriculum delivered by highly qualified teachers. The district supports and provides staff development opportunities which enhance differentiated instruction and focus on the individual needs of our students. 

Administration and staff utilize data analysis in prioritizing the instructional goals and objectives for each school year. Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students to be successful at the next level of education and as life-long learners.

Our school district truly appreciates the involvement of parents. They ensure that their child has good attendance. They keep informed about the progress their child is making by communicating with the classroom teacher(s) and building administrators. They reiterate to their child the importance of following school rules and respecting themselves and others.

Warm Regards,

Marvene Lobato

Marvene Lobato