Economics for Kids


U.S. Mint for kids – Find Teacher resources and activities for kids about the history of money in the US and other countries. - Several sites where kids can create, share and learn about money.

Counting Money – Have students help other kids with their shopping. Find some fun math story problems with graphics to make it more appealing.

Money: Kids and Cash – Lesson plans, vocabulary lists, and more. Discovery school has put lots of information on this site that should be adaptable for grades K-5.

Printable lessons and worksheets

Teach-nology – Find some useful, ready-made worksheets for money problems (+, -, x, word problems.)

Online Money Worksheet – Students can practice adding coins online. They can enter their totals and check their answers when they are done. Click on the radio button to designate how many problems you would like to do.

Money Lessons for Children - Money can be a tricky topic and therefore, teaching the younger generation money management and personal finance skills is of utmost importance.

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