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quote of the week


  • Pick out a motivational quote with your student at the beginning of each week. At the end of the week, brainstorm or list all the ways in which he or she used or was inspired by the quote.
  • Match game: Match quotes to the curriculum or current events. What quote could be the epitaph of whatever it is the class is studying? Although it is simple and straightforward for language arts and social studies, it is also effective for math, science, and other content areas.
  • Quote comparison: Either randomly or with deliberate intention pair quotes for comparison and contrast. Here are some general questions to accompany the quotes:
    ~How are these quotes similar in meaning?
    ~What is different about the ideas behind these quotations?
  • Start a quote-based journal or scrapbook with your student. Include pictures of things the student has accomplished, and write down ways that the quote helped inspire your student in school.
  • Ask your student to research the background of a person who said the quote.
  • Make into inspirational poster.
  • Make into a PowerPoint slideshow.
  • Convert the PowerPoint presentation to a movie.


  • Start smiling more.
  • Make little changes in the words you use.
  • Do nice things for others, even if you don't feel like it.
  • Be with people you enjoy.
  • Find positive quotes or mantras to keep with you
  • Keep a journal and record each day.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Take the time to celebrate.


  • Get enough sleep
  • Surround yourself with positive images
  • Avoid negative coworkers
  • Go easy on yourself
  • Write a quote of the week and post it in your workspace
  • Use a quote to design your screensaver or wallpaper
  • Find different ways to display quote each day
  • Post a quote on the door using large, decorative letters